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Despite my successes, I feel like something's missing...

Do you ever ask yourself what is it that's missing in your life?


How to find it?

What to do?

How to feel inspired?

How to let go of what holds you back from experiencing an incredible life?


In many parts of the world, we are experiencing greater material comfort and an unparalleled ability to choose the way in which we live. However, so many people are now clearly identifying that they feel something is missing.


Something is not right. 

Perhaps you, like many others, are experiencing that something about this life feels in some way disconnected, perhaps even somehow mediocre or uninspired. Many people are expressing a missing sense of soul in their day-to-day lives and the relationships they're in. Often described as a longing for something they are just able to sense, but don't yet know, see or touch. Many feel little or no connection to their deepest purpose. At best, this is a little disconcerting and at worse, deeply painful and anxiety-inducing. 

But from a place of peace and inspiration, all of this can change.

For you

For your family

For your friends

For your colleagues

For society

We Know Exactly What to Do.


And You Can Know It Too.


Like Many Others, You Can Experience The Greatest Sense of Joy, Presence and Freedom That Changes Lives Forever.

AlwaysChoose is a transformational approach to your life, created by teachers and influencers Jon & Kirsty Macdonald.


Through online resources, in-person talks, workshops and one-to-one work, the 6 Elements of the AlwaysChoose approach to living have helped so many connect to a deeper sense of themselves and enjoy a personal freedom that inspires themselves and the world around them.

We invite you to take your first step and download your copy of our ebook where you can read about our approach in your own time and explore the practices and techniques that have helped so many on their journey...

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AlwaysChoose: A Transformational Approach to Living

To AlwaysChoose is to be life-affirming in every single moment.
In doing so you devote your life to the most precious things that you have; yourself, your path to joy, presence and freedom, and our society's collective ability to thrive. 
By becoming free you inspire yourself and the world.

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As well as the large number of people who attend our events and workshops, we work with a small number of people each year on a one-to-one basis. If you are interested in one-to-one sessions, either online or in-person, just drop us a line here.

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We have a wealth of things to read, watch and listen to...

Talks, blogs, meditations and reflections for you to listen to and read in your own time. 



The AlwaysChoose approach has 6 Elements for you to work into, taking you on a journey into discovering your deepest self and freeing you from the things that hold you back.



We have many ways that you can get personal support on your journey to your most amazing life, from one-to-one sessions to online and in-person workshops. At the moment these are held online only. 



Fortnightly Class

AlwaysChoose Teaching and Q&A

Free teaching online for all. 
We have moved this event online during this time of COVID 19.
We start with a meditation and follow with a teaching and questions posed by the audience on the theme of the evening. 
Click HERE for more information and details of how to join. 

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