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We are not here to make an insane world slightly less insane.

We are here to dream a whole new way of being into existence.

Always Choose to Remember

It's Your Time To Ignite Potential

Jon and Kirsty Macdonald create an inspiring space for you to powerfully transform your life. Their approach to living is both simple to access and deeply impactful.

Working in this way is amazingly empowering and liberating. I have literally never felt so free.

Change is So Much Closer Than You Think

You can master the problems that many of us face - stress, anxiety, confusion, lethargy, illness and addiction, to name a few - and step into your greatness as the incredible person you are.

You can be your most inspired version of yourself, in your many roles in life, whether this is as friend, parent, teacher, business owner, blogger, C-suite or politician.


This is possible for you - we give you Your Permission Slip to invest in yourself and explore the free teachings for you here. Many people invest in self-help, therapy and coaching, not realising that there are faster and more enjoyable ways to unlock your most amazing version of yourself




And in doing so, not only do you thrive and prosper, but also, one day, perhaps sooner than you think, you may look back and remember that this was also the inspired choice you made for your family, your children, your grandchildren, your Planet. You look back and realise that this choice meant you played your part in creating the future that we all need to live in peace together.

We teach people like you to let go of what holds them back so they become fully realised in their life and for the world around them.


Thousands of people have experienced our philosophy and teaching. 

We invite you to join us in your discovery of what is possible. 

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