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Choose to Live Fully, Live Free and Live Inspired

We are not here to make an insane world slightly less insane. We are here to dream a whole new way of being into existence.

Always Choose to Remember

It's Your Time To Ignite Potential

Jon and Kirsty Macdonald create an inspiring space for you to powerfully transform your life. Their approach to living is both simple to access and deeply impactful.

Working in this way is amazingly empowering and liberating. I have literally never felt so free.

Freedom is So Much Closer Than You Think

How often do you stop to really question what you want from your life?


How often do you have space to reflect on what your most incredible dream might be? 

And when was the last time you were guided in releasing all the ways you hold yourself back in the creation of that inspired dream?

We get caught in the busyness of life and caught in the distractions of the drama that we see all around us. We get lost in our thoughts and our emotions, in our jobs and our relationships and rarely do we get a chance to reflect on what we truly desire. 


It is all too easy to drift into a life which despite its successes and achievements somehow feels that something is missing. Perhaps, like many others, you feel trapped, stuck or that life is less than you know it can be. Perhaps it's time to do different and learn how to give your gifts more fully?


We teach people like you to let go of what holds them back so they can awaken to their most inspired and inspiring dream of life.  


Thousands of people have experienced our philosophy and teaching and have learnt how to choose their most incredible dream. 

We invite you to join us in the discovery of yours. 

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