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Our mission here at is to radically improve the leadership of business and in doing so move towards a more inspired world, by helping you be the best leader you can be, unlocking your potential and unleashing your passion.

Kirsty Macdonald |

Kirsty is a gifted teacher, writer and guide who has helped thousands of people connect to a deeper sense of themselves and create inspired and inspiring ways of living...  

Jon is a knowledgeable and powerful teacher who is passionate about how we can choose to be true to what we are passionate about in the world and lead the most outstanding life from this place...

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Many of our clients and mentees find us through searching for how to uplift their life, perhaps looking for a leadership coach to support them uplift their career, or a therapist to help them work through a specific problem they are experiencing. Others, both corporates and individuals, hire us to help them with a specific business issue. And others still land on this page because they are wanting to explore what it is to live their professional life with a deeper connection to a sense of purpose and impact.


And of course there's whatever brought you here.


Whatever that might be do get in touch and we can explore the possibilities.


We offer personal and business coaching, therapy, embodiment work, mindset shifting workshops and teachings and so much more.


Get in touch and we can arrange an initial conversation


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