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Jon Macdonald is a writer, teacher and guide and an expert in how the world's greatest wisdom teachings can positively impact individuals and corporate performance in today's complex world. His passion is to share his insights, wisdom and presence on how to live from our deepest self.

Jon has more than 30 years of meditation experience through which he has mastered the most advanced wisdom insight practices, bringing them into global consulting firms, multinational financial service companies, corporate head offices and businesses to reintroduce humanity into driving high performance.  In 2019 he closed off a 25-year career in the City of London, saying goodbye to his final role as an executive board director overseeing the business strategy, capital and performance of a complex and highly regulated $150bn business.

Uniquely placed to understand both human nature, individual and corporate performance, he now teaches all people how to understand and apply these wisdom teachings and insights in practical and impactful ways, leading them into finding personal freedom amongst the challenges of our modern world and creating ways of being that inspire themselves and others.


Those who work with him find their lives forever changed.  His skill, deep heart, grounded presence and clarity of vision points them toward letting go of what holds them back and towards a life of freedom and joy.

In 2019 Jon formed Infinity Rising Ltd and together with his wife Kirsty they have combined their wisdom to create the AlwaysChoose approach to living. They write, teach and guide on this to those who want to live their most inspired life.



"His insight, complete acceptance, and calm created a place of trust very quickly, and he quickly drilled down through the layers to the real issues which were blocking me. There was a moment when something suddenly clicked and I had a real sense of “oh, of course that’s what this is about” – followed by a profound shift, as the resistance dropped away,  and I suddenly found myself fully inhabiting myself, feeling incredibly grounded, and just really relaxing in being.


Since then I’ve felt much more embodied, much more relaxed and acting from my own power in situations where I’d usually be acting from a place of resentful insecurity, and really attaching much more often to a sense of deep well-being regardless of what’s being going on around me. 


Seriously life-changing stuff."

SK, London

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