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My work with Kirsty has been transformative in every way. Our initial deep dive session was an experience I will never forget; I can still feel the powerful shift and loosening in my body and whole way of being that happened in that moment and continues in everything I now do. 

One-to-one sessions

Kirsty’s power, confidence and incredible knowledge immediately creates deep trust in the process and how she works. Our sessions together always felt collaborative and explorative yet she contained me and guided me in a way that allowed the work to be deep and powerful.

This life can hold its challenges. Relationships, career, parenting, purpose, health, beliefs that hold you back or habits that get in the way.  All are areas that can become sticky in some way over the course of our lives.


Working one-to-one is a chance for you to go deep into an area that could be truly transformational for your life and how you experience it. 

As Featured...

Fortnightly Webinar: Meditation, Teaching and Q&A

Free teaching online for all. 
We have moved this event online during this time of COVID 19.
We start with a meditation and follow with a teaching and questions posed by the audience on the theme of the evening. 
Click HERE for more information and details of how to join. 

Online Groups & Workshops

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