Your Deepest Self

Keep moving towards your deepest self.

Keep walking or running but always move.

Crawl on your hands and knees with sweat, blood and broken bones if that’s what is needed. Whatever it takes to find and follow your path of success, freedom and joy, the path to your deepest self.

Search out all the bridges that need to be crossed. Cross them. Don’t look back.

Don’t let your past distract you. Move. Move. Move. Ignore the thoughts which question each step. They hold no value.

Simply lock into now. Move. Listen and flow with the pull of your destiny. Feel the relaxation that folds into your body as you do so. Move. Move. Move.

Be like a river seeking the ocean. Always moving towards her. Sometimes you are moving fast and crazy. Sometimes slow and gentle. Always moving.

Be your deepest self. No-one else can be.

Jon Macdonald

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