What Are You Living in Devotion To?

What are you living in devotion to?

On examining you might find that it’s things you choose and lots you don’t. So often we are living devotees to societal norms that we haven’t actively agreed to. The way we consume, the way we treat our bodies and our planet, the industries that we support through our small and large choices, our political systems. Bringing awareness of what we are worshipping through our actions can be shocking and powerful and beautiful and even sad when it is seen clearly. The humanness of sleepwalking that we all fall into before we choose differently, and sometimes even after we do. Choose something else by starting with the small things. How you breathe, how you move your body, how you use your voice, how you relate to stillness and to the felt sense in your body and how you bring all of that in relationship to the world.

Devotion to self has many powerful ripples out - far beyond your immediate world and into that beyond. Start small and let the butterflies flap their wings. Your life, your loves, your career, your children all will be touched by the conscious devotion to the life you choose.

Become devoted to your inspired life. Live in devotion to this moment.

How can you fall more deeply in love with this life as you choose to experience it? And how exquisite can that now be?

Kirsty Macdonald

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