Time to Rest, Dear Cities

This is a message for all the cities of the world. ⁣

Stop what you are doing. You are killing yourself in your complexity and your push. You are suffocating the breath of humanity under your concrete. The ground can no longer stand the weight of the closure to life that you create. Stop now. Please. ⁣

It is time for you to pause and take a moment to reflect on your path, on where you are taking the billion people you carry with you. A path to the death of all that once made humanity joyful. ⁣

Everything dies, and it’s your time now. Time to stop fighting, dear cities, and take your final breath. Time to allow everyone to be, just for a few years, so we can remember what we want from our lives.⁣

It is not what you give now that is needed, even though this was once, not long ago, received willingly as a beautiful gift. It is no longer wanted or desired, even though the patterns seem to continue. ⁣

Rest now dear cities. Take your final breath. Let the men, women and children find their own path. Release them. Gift them back their attention so that they can place it on their hearts and allow that to guide them. ⁣

For everyone, for yourself, do this now. You know it’s what is needed. ⁣

A new city can then be born. ⁣

Jon Macdonald

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