Three Gifts Exercise (Three Good Things)

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The 'Three Gifts', or 'Three Good Things' (TGT) exercise is a gift in itself. Originally developed and researched by Dr. Martin Selligman, founder of Positive Psychology, over at Penn State University, it has been proven to be an incredible game-changer in how you can feel so much more joyful and happy in just a few minutes a day.

We love recommending this as an evening practice to our clients (and ourselves). The Three Gifts, or Three Good Things, exercise brings an intentional close to the day, primes you to have a good night's sleep and also a positive day tomorrow.

I remember it said, although I don't remember by whom, that this simple routine can even be more effective than Prozac for lifting depression.

We really live by the importance of starting strong each morning and closing the day beautifully each evening. The Three Gifts practice is a wonderful way to do this.

Make sure you have a beautiful dedicated notebook for this one. One that makes your heart sing and can be one of your Three Gifts for your first day of practice.

In the evening, before you sleep, take some time to pause and take a few breaths. Exhale what you need to from the day.

Then consider what 3 things from your day, when you think of them now, could be considered gifts to you? And also, how you played a part in bringing them into your life?

Only 3, but always 3. 

Sometimes you may find this difficult. Sometimes you may feel abundant in your gifts and find it hard to narrow them down. You may notice the same things or themes popping up. If so, get into noticing what's new, or can be seen differently. Different perspectives on these Three Good Things. Your gifts. These things that were delivered to you by what you chose to see and who you choose to be.

They can be small or large but try to connect them to your experience. Make it beautiful in some way. Poetic without needing to be poetry. Your moment to capture these experiences in gratitude, just because you can, live so much more in the noticing of them.

Your book for you, of your gifts. Something you look forward to contributing to each night, that primes your whole system for a gentle inner smile as you fall asleep. And then you get to be curious as to what will be your three gifts in your day tomorrow?

And should you ever need a reminder of your incredible life, you can know now where to find it. You always have access to this whenever you need it.

Your Three Gifts; Your Three Good Things, for you.

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Kirsty Macdonald