The Secret of Devotion

Here is the secret of devotion. Only a few people know this. Those who live with freedom and inspiration. ⁣

We are all in devotion to something, whether we realise this or not. ⁣And quite often our devotions are the root cause of unhappiness.

And I don’t necessarily mean devotion to a religious or spiritual deity. I mean a persistent idea, object, person, desire, dream... ⁣

Being in devotion, in this sense, means the act of worship in some way, shape or form through our actions, our words. Through where we place our energy and our most scarce resource, our awareness.⁣

⁣Our chosen devotions, the gods we worship, are quite often not that obvious to us. Chasing money is a devotion. Your career can be. How you want to be seen by others is a devotion for many people, perhaps through fashion or the shape of your body. How about social media? ⁣

And then there are more subtle devotions such as regularly judging ourselves and others. Or worshiping at the alter of self-validation. How about being devoted to drama? ⁣

And more subtle still, such as devotion to belief systems that reinforce the bypassing of your feelings, emotions and aliveness. Or how about being devoted to not acknowledging your self-limiting repeating life patterns. ⁣

Perhaps start noticing that the things ‘you do’ are perhap the things ‘you are in devotion to’. And, If you can, notice what your gods gift you in return for your devotion. There is always an exchange going on... and I guarantee that you are paying the higher price. ⁣

And from here, with self-love, release them and transform your life. Moving towards life-affirming devotions instead now seems to be such an obvious action to take. ⁣

Even the most simplest life-affirming devotions have make a huge difference in my life. From time to time the old devotions still talk to me, for sure, when I am tired or under-resourced. And this is my sign to have more self-devotion. To rest more, to reconnect with my deeper self, to refocus on impeccability... ⁣

Be in devotion to that which supports and serves you in making the difference you want to make in the world, right here, right now. ⁣

Always choose your devotion.

Jon Macdonald