The Input

We are what we surround ourselves with. We are who we think we are. We are the quality of our thoughts and our emotions.

We are the food that we eat and the air that we breathe.

We are products of our life.

And so, when we draw our attention to it and we reflect deeply on the input, what is it that we are creating? Beauty? Light? Good feeling? Inspiring beliefs? What we say we want?

Or are we inputting something else?

Many ancient traditions work to create a purity of the body and mind. They encourage a release of possessions and a simplicity of life. This clears the way for the self to be known. It makes space for the realisation of all that we are.

But in this life, now, we tend to clutter and accumulate still more. We live in surroundings that we find less than inspiring and work in ways that cause stress and discomfort.

We surround ourselves with what doesn't gift us well and then wonder why the discomfort in our minds and bodies.

But as the substance of who we are is made up of our choices and what we invite in, how best to upgrade our lives to input so much more of what nourishes and brings us increased life-force?

Food that is harmless and heals us.

Barefoot in nature's gifts.

Friends and lovers who celebrate, inspire and uplift.

Fresh air to breathe.

Nourishing sleep.

Healing and strengthening movement.

Space to let our mind settle.

Inputting beauty and love more than constriction and shut down. Inhaling deeply, exhaling completely. Choosing to create boundaries that say no to what doesn't feed your soul and creating space for what does.

In every moment we are either moving toward the inspiring life that our souls crave or away from it. One choice in each moment - Life affirming or life negating.

Which do you choose?

Kirsty Macdonald, 2020