Stillness and Reconnection - A Meditation for Living

Just because we are asked to stay at home does not mean we are in stillness. In fact, overwhelmingly, the experience of many is to keep busy and to distract, and to amuse the parts of yourself that don't really want to be present.

But this time is an important opportunity to let go a little more and feel what is wanted to be felt and relax those parts of yourself that are aching to release. For some this feels unfamiliar, scary even, for others, given permission by those deepest parts of yourself, it is a time of exhilaration.

If I told you this time is here for you to learn true stillness would you believe me? If I suggested that it is time for you to reconnect into yourself like never before, would you fight it?

Or would it be a relief? A curiosity to explore?

Below is a guided meditation to take you towards a greater gift of stillness and reconnection back into yourself. Find somewhere comfortable to sit, spine straight and body relaxed. Take a few deep breaths and enjoy!

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