Peace Begins Within Me

Unrest. 2020 looks like disruption and unrest. It also looks like the shaking of the snow globe. It looks like turmoil but it also feels like change.

Many feelings and emotions soar. You may have caught a few yourself? What names would you give them? Fear, anger, confusion, guilt? Happiness, calm, joy, relief?

But what about peace? A contradiction in these times, or a foundation? Peace within when it seems there is little peace without.

But what about inner peace as a freedom that empowers Inspired Action? How to get there, where to start?

What if I whispered to you the secret, "Peace Begins Within You". Would you believe me? What if you could?

That place that you know in those first moments of the day. Sleepily conscious of you and not you, of the body that's not quite inhabited yet. Peaceful before thought. The day not yet entered. Peace for a few heartbeats, that belongs to you.

Peace begins within you.

The gentleness of the heartbeat, the soft sign of the breath. The exhale before the inhale.

Peace begins within you.

In spite of your circumstances.

In spite of your thoughts.

Without you even having to try.

But do you know it yet?

Are you yet able to move as it?

And am I?

For that is the deeper secret - that peace begins within me also.

Simultaneous longing for what is already here but not often enough expressed.

And when we both know how to move as that, breathe as that, long as that and love as that, then the world settles down and freedom begins.


Kirsty Macdonald