Living in League with the Sea





Holding on.


Making sure.

Just try harder. Don't let go.

Control the out of control. Make 'them' do what you want in your eyes of 'right'.

We live trapped in our mind's illusion of what should be. Even when what is, in spite of us, keeps delivering at our feet, war torn packages labeled 'eternity'.

The ocean knows though. You can listen to her gentle whispers and thundering roars.

Calling us to surrender, allow. and receive.

Forces greater than us that point the way.

The wise know.

Because the wise never forgot.

The grasses know. And so do the hummingbirds.

In league with the sea, they can only remember.

Formless infinity in form.

The waves and the waving.

Swimming not drowning.

But we think we know more than that. The size of the waves charted by man. The cycle of the tides, the depth of the water believed to be known.

The unknown made sense of.

Controlling the uncontrollable.

Until the tsunami comes.

And, for a short while, we know that we don't know.

Until we forget again.

Freedom lives in a lack of conflict, in the surrender and release.

Who are we when control nothing? What terrible things may happen?

Where will the grasses blow and the hummingbird fly?

Where will the water run to? Who will the sky sail away with?

Can we allow them and ourselves to find out? Can we allow being free?

Maybe we are already - in spite of it all?

What does your wild open heart know about that?

Kirsty Macdonald 2020