I Saw Two Birds - Hafiz

Each day a poem, a song, a dance, a time in meditation... Time for stillness and reflection and deep listening.

This was what my book opened to me today so I share it with you. Hafiz connects us to Grace and beauty so well.

Both of our mouths Can fit upon this flute I carry. My music will sound So much sweeter that way With your breath and my breath Poking each other in the ribs And kissing. I saw two birds on a limb this morning Laughing with the sun. They reminded me of how We will one day exist. My dear, Keep thinking about God, Keep thinking about the Beloved And soon our nest will be the Whole firmament. Forget about all your desires for truth, we have gone far beyond that. For now it is just pure need. Both our hearts are meant to sing. Both our souls are destined to touch And kiss Upon this holy flute God carries.

~ Hafiz

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