How to Develop Your Personal Inner Guidance System.

In these times it is important that we have a strong personal platform that holds us and from which we can guide ourselves. Tempting though it is, not to look on the outside for this, but instead cultivate it from a deeper place within is where the transformation lies. You can think of it as roots that hold you stable and also nourish your body and mind, stabilising the foundations of your life. 

It can be useful to label this for ourselves. A word, once given feeling and meaning, serves to ground us into what is really important for our lives.

A rudder for the boat.

Wings that hold us aloft.

The ground on which we stand.

What does yours sound like, feel like, look like?

If you had a word or expression for it, what would it be? 

What could be your inner beacon that guides your way?





Devotion to your breath

Allowing flow




Devotion to an idea, theme or purpose?

What is so important to you that it can steer you though?

You'll know yours because you'll have a physical or emotional response when you connect to it. How does it feel as you connect to it, that perhaps until now you have often kept yourself away from where you would feel most supported from within?

You'll know when you get it. We sometimes call it the lip-wobble moment with our clients. 

You may know already, or you may need to sit with this for a long time in order to feel it deeply. Either way, give yourself time for your whole system to awaken to the power of cultivating the rootedness to this place for you and for your life. 

Your guidance system for your inspired life. 

Notice how, if this were to change your everyday experience in some way, how would you perhaps move differently, think differently, relate differently - from this place of a deeper connection to your powerful inner guidance system? The small ways and the larger ways. Allowing it to unlock what would be the most helpful for you and these uncertain times, from today.

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Kirsty Macdonald 2020