Are You Awake, or Is It Just the Morning?

Each day, every day, the sun rises. Each day, every day, you awaken from your night sleep. The constant of who you are embodied in the breath and blood and bones of your life-force.

We become used to the seeming sameness of ourselves. We become fixed in our beliefs and our patterns of behaviour, our physicality and our emotional states, even those that hurt us and hurt others. We are the illusion that makes the unknown known. We get so very lost in the over-telling of the story of our own personal existence and in creating form out of the formless with the strongly held beliefs of who we are.

It's the form of the thinking mind. The form that only exists because we think it so.

And so each morning we wake up and mostly we re-confirm our big illusion to ourselves.

Who you believe yourself to be is the greatest illusion of them all. We make up our lives and personality and hold it so tight that it hurts.

But in the momentary, sleepy, in-between half-consciousness of the start of our day, in spite of ourselves, we know something else. In this before-thought place we are expanded beyond what we believe to be true, and for perhaps only a split second at first, when we notice it now, we rest in all of who we are. It's the moment of endless possibility. Who will we make ourselves up to be today?

It's a choice we have that we are mostly not aware of.

Until we are.

Free to choose.


Do you know of this illusion?

Do you know who you really are?

How can you love it all?

What about if you could embrace the remembering and the forgetting?

Do you choose to buy into the illusion, or know the place before it slept?

Awaking to the newness of today, what is this?



Wide-eyed wonder.


And what else?

You are not who you think you are. And what if that was a good thing, just for today?

Kirsty Macdonald

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